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1 Dragon Ball Legends on Fri May 13, 2016 7:41 pm

Salem Black


Beyond the stars. there is a new threat, greater than even Majin Buu himself; long ago, before the universe was what it was, there were thirteen Gods of Destruction. The Thirteenth God, a being known as Yagashin, became hungry with power and mad with rage, destroying his own universe in a brilliant show of power. He went after the other twelve universes, defeating his comrades and destroying anything that got in his way. The Supreme Kaioshin, rulers of the universes and Gods of Creation, gathered to try and stop this great threat, but were defeated almost effortlessly by this mad god. Beerus, the next in line to become the Sixth Universe's God of Destruction, went up against Yagashin and finally defeated him, ending his reign of terror across the multiverse.

The remaining Supreme Kai and the remaining Gods of Destruction then sealed Yagashin into the Dead Zone, a realm far beyond the reaches of both mortals and immortals alike, sentencing him to one-hundred million years inside the Dead Zone for his crimes. In the coming years, the universe was reformed and re-shaped into its current form... and Yagashin's sentence is almost up. Preparing a spell that would restore the universe in the event Yagashin escapes, the Supreme Kai anticipated another war against darkness... one that would surely end in death and would begin with life anew...

How will you prevent this great being from destroying all you love? Will you?

Find out on Dragon Ball Legends!

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