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1 Looking for affiliates! on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:49 am


Hello potential advertisers.

Would you like a spot that guarantees that people would get to see your forum on ours? Great. How about we affiliate, in that case?

We only have a few conditions for affiliation.

  • Must be a roleplay forum. No buts.
  • Must be an animanga site - doesn't have to be directly based off a manga, however. For example, Pokemon forums that use animanga faceclaims are alright. Your forum should generally be very "anime" in it's graphics as well.
  • Active: Now, we're not asking you to be number 1 on Forumotion here, but you should at least have a member base of at least 10 or so members posting every day.
  • 10 affiliates or more is not a site we would like to affiliate with. If you already have a big amount of affiliation, we will not affiliate with you. We would like to stand out a bit on your site. As such, we ourselves will not gain this many affiliates either.

That's about it! Once you're ready to affiliate, put our button up on your forum, post in this subforum, and we'll put your button up, provided you meet the requirements.


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