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1 Nexus Creed | Character Relationships on Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:44 pm



      "I'll bite you to death"

Name: Nexus Creed
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 23
Guild: Rune Knights

Magic: Holy God Slayer
Personality: Normally calm, quiet and rather distant. However this is mainly a facade to his more complex nature. Around those who share his ideals he shows respect and if rather harsh on those who wish to harm them. As an individual he is always calculating, his mind tending to drift when doing so and as a result he never really acknowledges the others around him unless his attention is directed on them intentionally. In truth he is actually very kind, but maintains a strong visage to protect those around him. Because of the role he's played for so long he tends to maintain the facade even when he's not around others, never sure of who might be watching, and only rarely will his real personality slip through in public. He's in fact very selfish, the type who hates sharing what he wants to be his own, who teases those who he chooses to be affectionate with, and will do anything to protect those closest to him.

This side of him is normally reserved for those in the guild with him. As the only ones who were willing to accept him he opens up to them rather easily, even with new members, he tries to display the same kindness they showed him. His gentlemanly side is used for dealing with clients and official business. But the side to be most feared is when he's angered. His facade and his true personality seem to mix into a twisted version of himself. He's dark, merciless and will not stop until his target is eradicated.


Nexus Creed | Holy God Slayer

Best Friend: Nexus' best friend is someone who can understand his aloof personality. A person who knows about his amnesia and why he acts the way he does now. Regardless of how cold Nexus may seem at times they always give show him kindness and understanding, defending him against those who get the wrong idea about him.
Love Interest: A person who comes to like Nexus' for not only his facade but his true personality. Accepting everything about him and making it clear to those around him. They're more than ready to deal with both sides of him, his past and his present and accept it all.
Rival: Nexus' rival is someone who pushes him to go further. Could be someone who shows a dislike of him on the outside but in actuality wants to be his friend, or even someone who simply enjoys the thrill of working hard along side another person and pushes him to work as hard as they do.

Note: These relations aren't just up to myself, it's a collective of ideas from whoever I pick to help me make up the story. So feel free to express ideas and opinions if you choose to apply for one of these roles. I'll take everything into consideration. Use the code below to apply and fill it in with your chara's information and I'll get back to you with my decision.

[b]Name:[/b] Self Explanatory.
[b]Age:[/b] Self Explanatory.
[b]Gender:[/b] Self Explanatory.
[b]Role:[/b] The role you're applying for.

[b]Reasoning:[/b] An explanation as to why I should pick your character for the role you've applied for. Be as thorough as possible please.

[b]Comments:[/b] Any additional comments as to why or how I could make my decision and so on.

2 Re: Nexus Creed | Character Relationships on Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:28 pm


Name: Herbert the Pervert
Age: 68
Gender: Male?
Role: ;)

Reasoning: ;)


3 Re: Nexus Creed | Character Relationships on Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:13 pm


Way too creepy.

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